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MAGOMEDOV B. The Chernyakhov People’s Contacts with Scandinavia and the Crimea

// Inter Ambo Maria. Contacts between Scandinavia and the Crimea in the Roman Period. Kristiansand – Simferopol. - 2011. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

MARTENS J. Diadems? In search for the date, use and origin of the riveted neck-rings from Scandinavia

// Inter Ambo Maria. Contacts between Scandinavia and the Crimea in the Roman Period. Kristiansand – Simferopol. - 2011. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

MacNeish, Richard Stockton (1918-2001)

Macalister, Robert Armstrong Stewart (1870-1950)

Maccurdy, George Grant (1863-1947)

Maclean P. Exotic Metallurgy in Bronze Age Europe

// Early Materials' Forum Conference 28/01/1998 at the British Museum

Made Up of Time: The Mayan Ruins of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras

Mark Leger. "The Maya, sons of the days, are made up of time," Eduardo Galleano recently wrote. He was referring to two things: their brilliant traditional calendars, products of astronomical knowledge until recently unrivaled by any other culture. And the Mayan ability to endure. The Mayan ruins of central America are from cities that fell into decline long before Columbus. But many of the traditions reflected in the architecture and art from these sites live on in the modern Mayan world."

Maecenas Images of Ancient Greece and Rome

Сб. фотографий античных памятников.

Maes Howe

Исследования, Веб-камера

Magnetically prospected sites

// Австрия. Results from Herzogbirbaum, Unterhautzenthal, Oberrussbach und Traboch (English)

Magomedov B. Siedlungen der Cernjachov-Sîntana-Kultur

// Die Sîntana de Mureş - Černjachov Kultur. Akten  des Internationalen Kolloquiums in Caputh vom 20. bis 24. Oktober 1995. - Bd.2. - Bonn. - 1999. - S.69-82. Читать/сохранить сборник файл *pdf

Mahar D. Sinope

Некоторые вопросы истории Синопы.

Maine, Henry James Sumner (1822-1888)

Malinowski, Bronislaw (1884-1942)

Mallakastra Regional Archeological Project around Apollonia in Albania (MRAP)

"MRAP is a multi-disciplinary and diachronic archaeological expedition formally organized in 1996 to investigate the history of prehistoric and historic settlement and land use in central Albania, in an area centered on the Greek colony of Apollonia. The project is employing the techniques of intensive archaeological surface survey in conjunction with natural environmental investigations." Сообщения о работах 1998-2001 гг.

Malthus, Thomas Robert (1766-1834)

Mammoth Home Page

Все о мамонтах, в том числе Мамонт в первобытном искусстве.

Mamuti - oddíl experimentální archeologie

Чехия. "Experimentální archeologie (EA) je mladý vědní obor. Její základní metodou jsou pokusy s replikami či originály pravěkých nebo středověkých výrobků nebo pokusy se stavbou, obýváním, příp." Описание экспериментов, публикации.

Manners, Robert (1913-1996)

Manning S.W., Barbett M., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I., Levin I., Newton M.V., Reimer P. No systematic early bias to Mediterranean 14C ages: Radiocarbon measurements from tree-ring and air samples provide tight limits to age offsets

// Radiocarbon. - Vol.44. - №3. - 2002

Manning S.W., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I. Newton M.W. Confirmation of near-absolute dating of east Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Dendrochronology

// Antiquity. -Vol.77. - №295. - 2003

Manning S.W., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I. Newton M.W. Confirmation of near-absolute dating of east Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Dendrochronology*

// Antiquity. -Vol.77. - №295. - 2003

Manning S.W., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I., Newton M.V. Anatolian Tree Rings and a New Chronology for the East Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Ages

// Science. - Vol.294. - 2001.

Manning S.W., Kromer B., Kuniholm P.I., Newton M.V. Anatolian Tree Rings and a New Chronology for the East Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Ages*

// Science. - Vol.294. - 2001.

Map History/History of Cartography

"The 'Map History' site forms part of the WWW-Virtual Library. It offers a non-commercial mixture of comment and tips (spread over about 100 'pages') and many thousands of links to free sites. It is the work of one individual, who (as both author and webmaster) can make and implement decisions immediately."

Maples, William (1937-1997)

Mara H. Automated Profile Extraction of Archaeological Fragments

// 2003.

Marie's Russian Dig

July 15 - August 15, 2001. Фотогалерея.

Mariette, Auguste (1821-1881)

Marriott, Alice (1910-1992)

Marshall A. Newgrange Excavation Report Critique

// "This monograph details excavations of 1962-1975 at the Neolithic chambered passage tomb of Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland. Newgrange lies on the Boyne River approximately 50km north of Dublin and is part of a tomb complex (O’Kelly, 1982, 13). The project was financed by the Irish Office of Public Works as the monument had become neglected. Nature and unsupervised visitors had taken their toll leaving the passage orthostats worn and dangerous. The mound too was tattered by animal burrows, visitors and tree roots so a programme of repair was devised. This incorporated careful survey to establish the monuments original form and consolidation of the tomb to its former state. Excavation was carried out by Bord Fáilte volunteers and various universities including Cork (O’Kelly, 1982, 10-11)."

Marshall, Sir John (1876-1958)

Martens J. The Pre-Roman Iron Age in North Jutland

// Archaeologiske Skrifter. - 1997. - V. 7. - p.107-136. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Martin R.Th. An Overview of Classical Greek History from Mycenae to Alexander


Martin, Paul Sidney (1899-1974)

Martini M., Sibilia E. Radiation in archaeometry: archaeological dating

// Pergamon. - 2001

Marx, Karl Heinrich (1818-1883)

Mary Douglas Nicol Leakey

// Talk Orings site, биография.

Mason, Otis Tufton (1838-1908)

Mathisen Ralph W. Geography of Roman Gaul

// University of South Carolina. Информация о проекте 2002 г.

Matthews S. The Instantiated Identity: Critical Approaches to Studying Gesture and Material Culture

// Paper presented in ‘The Materialisation of Social Identities’ session at the annual Theoretical Archaeology Group conference, University of Glasgow, Scotland, 17th - 19th December 2004 (pdf file)

Mau, August (1840-1909)

Maudslay, Alfred (1850-1931)

Mauss, Marcel (1872-1950)

Maxwell, Moreau Sanford (1918-1998)

Maya Archaeology

Foundation for Latin American Anthropological Research (FLAAR). "Maya-archaeology.org covers Mayan, Olmec, Teotihuacan art, architecture, deities, hieroglyphic writing and the latest digital photography, 35mm film and flatbed scanner technology for recording the artifacts and pyramid-temple and palace architectural remains of these fascinating ancient civilizations."

Maya Astronomy Page

A site on everything you ever wanted to know about what we have learned from the Maya Codices.

Mayan Epigraphic Database Project

"The Mayan Epigraphic Database Project (MED) is an experiment in networked scholarship with the purpose of enhancing Classic Mayan epigraphic research. At present, MED consists of a relational database of glyphs ("gnumbers"), images, phonetic values ("pvalues"), and semantic values ("svalues") according to the consensus among various American Mayanists (MacLeod and Reents-Budet 1994). Also present is the beginning of an archive of digitally transcribed Mayan texts."

Mayan Photo Adventures

"Hello, welcome to Maya Photo Adventures. My name is John C. Mureiko and the Maya webpages I have put together are a reflection of my travels around the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. A great way for me to start my traveling adventures was to visit the Maya Ruins of Chichen Itza with my camera at my side."

McCluskey St. Ancient and Medieval Science

"This course will deal with a variety of activities that we can consider under the heading of science, ranging from the practical techniques of Antiquity and the Middle Ages to the self-consciously rational science of the Greeks and its development in Rome, Islam, and the Latin West." Учебный курс

McCluskey St. Introduction to Medieval Europe

"History deals with people who are both like us, and very different from us. They are like us in that they have the same physical and emotional needs and the same physical and mental abilities that we do. They are different from us in that they live in a very different cultural environment and take for granted many things that we consider unbelievable and would consider many of the attitudes that we accept as natural to be absurd. We are often tempted to assume that their ideas and values must naturally be the same as ours - or even worse - to dismiss their ideas and values as irrational because they aren't the same as ours. For those reasons newcomers to the Middle Ages often have great difficulty understanding medieval people, but if we are to really understand them, we have to take them seriously." Учебный курс

McCluskey St. Man and the Cosmos

"This course builds on the work I've been doing in the past twenty years investigating the astronomies of the peoples of medieval Europe, the American Southwest, and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The central theme I've taken for this course reflects the fact that almost every people that we've investigated have done something that we can call astronomy. In the best sense this is a multi-cultural course, showing the different ways different peoples have looked at the heavens and the different patterns of thought that they have used to order the things that they saw in the sky. By the time we're done, I hope we'll have some understanding of the fact that science, and particular astronomy, is not something that Western Europeans and their intellectual descendants do. All peoples construct frameworks to make their observations of the heavens intelligible; astronomy is a universal human activity." Учебный курс

McCluskey St. Readings in Medieval History

"This course is (with History 402) half of a readings / research seminar sequence. Since medieval history is a secondary field for most of you, the focus of this readings seminar will be to provide an introduction to some of the important issues, to a range of the literature, and to some of the bibliographic tools in medieval history. Since the Middle Ages span almost 1000 years of history and are subject to a wide variety of historiographical approaches, any attempt to cover this period cannot help but be selective and superficial. In the early part of the course I've decided to focus primarily on the territory of present-day France: i.e., on Ancient Gaul and the Kingdom of the Franks." Учебный курс

McCown, Theodore (1908-1969)

McIntosh J. The Practical Archaeologist. How we know what we know about the past

// 1999. Facts on File ISBN: 0816039518. Аннотация.

McKenna S. Loughcrew Equinox Reflection

// "The present day psyche is drawn to the inscriptions on ancient stones. As the Earth moves into a crisis phase we more and more understand the ancestral links to the inner chambers of the mounds. We see green bellies rising from the land with entrances guarded by stones that have to be crawled over before going inside. Step over this stone and go into a space of deep slumber or deep awakening. These builders are not the people who wanted to subjugate the Earth, to tame it. We would grow into those people, who would come later. Now in 2008 there is a desire to return to that time of innate personal rhythm with the seasons. "

McKern, Will C. (1892-1988)

Mead, Margaret (1901-1978)

Medieval Pottery Research Group

"The MPRG was founded in 1975 to bring together people with an interest in the pottery vessels that were made, traded, and used in Europe between the end of the Roman period and the 16th century. On these pages, you can find details of our publications and conferences, and other information such as how to join the MPRG." Конференции, публикации, новости, члены, родственные ресурсы.

Meißner O. Eine kurze Geschichte der Stadt Koln

// Обзор истории памятников римского времени на нем. яз., 1997 г.

Meighan, Clement (1925-1997)

Melero F.J., Torres J.C., Le A., On the Interactive 3D Reconstruction of Iberian Vessels

// 4th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage VAST (2003).


Раздел сайта "Сибирика". Некрологи археологов.

Mesa Verde National Park

"Mesa Verde, Spanish for green table, offers a spectacular look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people who made it their home for over 700 years, from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1300. Today, the park protects over 4,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States."

Methods of Archaeological Science

"How do they do that? In the 150 years that archaeology has been a science, numerous excavation and laboratory methods have been developed to help determine just went on in the past." Ссылки на ресурсы с краткими аннотациями.


// Virtual tours of ancient Greek archaeological sites (Quicktime VR), including e.g. Mycenae, Pylos, Tiryns, Vaphio, Mallia, Phaistos, Zakros and Troy

Metraux, Alfred (1902-1963)

Meyer, Eduard (1855-1930)

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

"Geomancy explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between person and place." Сайт посвящённый геомантике, напрямую связанной с мегалитическими постройками

Military Sites and Battle Studies

"Evidence for military actions and structures in the past make up an interesting study for the archaeological world." Список ресурсов с аннотациями.

Miner, Horace (1912-1993)

Minoan Peak Sanctuaries

// Part of the project "A Topography of Power. Towns, Sanctuaries and Territories on Bronze Age Crete", Institute of Mediterranean Studies (English and Greek, including pdf files)

Mittelalterliche Scheibenfibeln aus Westfalen

"Eine Übersicht zu Detektorenfunden spätkarolingischer Fibeln aus Westfalen." Все о средневековых фибулах

Mochlos Archaeological Project

// Excavations of the settlements and burial sites of Mochlos, East Crete, by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Mole Man. Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек..

// Подзаголовок: "Иван Царевич - поиски исторического прототипа."

Mommsen, Theodor (1817-1903)

Monakhov S.I. Towards a typology of Knidian amphoras of 4th-2nd c BC

// Боспорский феномен: греческая культура не периферии античного мира. СПб. - 1999. - С.161-172. [К типологии книдских амфор IV-II вв. до н.э., англ. пер.] Also in PDF

Monakhov S.Iu. Towards a typology of Knidian amphoras of 4th-2nd c BC

// Боспорский феномен: греческая культура не периферии античного мира. СПб. - 1999. - С.161-172. [К типологии книдских амфор IV-II вв. до н.э., англ. пер.] Also in PDF

Monakhov, S.Iu., Rogov E.Ia. Amphoras of the Panskoe I Necropolis

// Античный мир и археология. - №7. - 1990. - С.128-153. Full article (with illustrations). [Амфоры некрополя Панское, англ. пер.]

Montelius O. (1843-1921)

Montelius O. Kulturgeschichte Schwedens von den altesten Zeiten bis zum elften Jahrhundert nach Christus

Leipzig. - 1906. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Montelius O. Orient und Europa. Einfluss der orientalischen Cultur auf Europa bis zur Mitte des letzten Jahrtausends v. Chr .

Stockholm. - 1899. Читать/сохранить файл *pdf

Montet, Pierre (1885-1966)

Mooney, James (1861-1921)

Morgan, Lewis Henry (1818-1881)

Morley, Sylvanus Griswold (1883-1948)

Mortillet, Gabriel de (1821-1898)

Mother of All Art History Links Pages

"The Mother of All Art History Links Pages is a compendium of links to , worldwide Art and Archaeology resources. The site is maintained by the Department of the History of Art at the University of Michigan, and includes the following information: Research Resources, comprising artistic styles, maps, subject style; Image Collections and Online Art; and a Sampling of Exhibits Online." Все об истории искусства.

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Cu privire la descoperirile funerare ale grupei Verbicioara

// European Arcaeology Online (Romanian with English summary). Commentaries concerning the Verbicioara funerary discoveries.

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Observations Concerning the Bronze Age Cult-Object from Sarata Monteoru-Poiana Scorusului

// European Arcaeology Online

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Some regards concerning the Monteoru culture

// European Arcaeology Online (Romanian with English abstract)

Motzoi-Chicideanu I. Srbu D., Constantinescu M., Sultana N. Cimitirul din epoca bronzului de la Cârlomanesti -La Arman (Campania 2003)

// European Archaeology Online (Romanian with English summary). The Bronze Age cemetery from Carlomanesti - LA ARMAN (The 2003 campaign)

Motzoi-Chicideanu I., Constantinescu M. Bronze Age funeral discoveries in Pietricica (county Prahova)

// Article

Motzoi-Chicideanu I., Gugiu D. Ein bronzezeiticher Grabfund von Cârlomanesti (Bez. Buzau)

// European Archaeology Online

Motzoi-Chicideanu I., Olteanu G. A bronze age slab-cist grave discovered at Vãleni-Dâmboviþa

// Article

Movius, Hallam Leonard (1907-1987)

Muller S. (1846-1934)

Multimedia Sources

"Photography and film of anthropological and archaeological field trips."

Murdock, George Peter (1897-1985)

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